Black Mold in Gulfport MS

Black Mold in Gulfport MS

Mold Inspectors Gulf Port MS Black Mold Hazards

Once moisture starts appearing inside your home by various reasons, the black mold makes its way into those areas becoming a serious health issue. If you were wondering what is black mold in Gulfport, Mississippi, you should know that infestations with toxic black mold represent a dangerous and costly problem for you if you do not take action right away. This type of mold survives through feeding on organic composites found on common materials in any home (carpet, drywall, subflooring or insulation) that were, at some point or all the time, exposed to moisture.

What Is Black Mold in Gulfport, Mississippi And How Can It Affect Your Health?

Stachybotryschartarum, as it is called by the scientists, releases toxic spores after it has settled in your home, that once inhaled or ingested can cause the black mold poisoning effect with more than one dangerous and unpleasant symptom: chronic sneezing and coughing, persistent headaches, eyes irritation, rashes, throat and nose mucus membranes, and chronic fatigue. If the exposure is longer, the symptoms start changing into more serious health problems: vomiting, nausea or nose and lungs bleeding. If you understand what is black mold in Gulfport, Mississippi, you will understand the risks you are exposed to when it appears in your home and you should remove it immediately before it becomes a real danger to your health.

How to Prevent / Remove Black Mold from Your Home?

If you suspect black mold in Gulfport, Mississippi, the professionals at PoBoy911 can accommodate your needs by testing the affected area and removing it from your home. You can prevent the appearance of mold by following a few simple rules:

  • The levels of humidity should be kept as low as possible, not more than 50%.
  • The use of a dehumidifier or an air conditioner is advised during the humid months.
  • The bathrooms and the kitchen should have exhaust fans, while in the rest of the house there should be an adequate ventilation system.
  • There are mold inhibitors that you can add to the paint before using it on the wall.
  • The bathroom can be cleaned using anti-mold products.
  • The bathroom should not have any carpet or textiles that retain moisture on the floor.
  • If there are any flooded carpets, you should remove them and eventually replace them.

The DIY removal of the black mold and the treatment of the areas where it is or was should be done while you are wearing special equipment: a special mask that can protect you from mold spores or a respirator, a special suit that covers your hands, arms and legs to be sure you can prevent any allergic reaction. Bleach shouldn’t be used to kill mold. Bleach only hides the mold's spores and if it is not properly remediated the mold could come back and grow and spread throughout your home.

If there is a mold infestation in your home, you should better call POBoy911 to help you get rid of the black mold safely.

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