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Mold is both hazordous to your health
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Mold Testing Mobile Alabama

Indoor air pollution is possible if molds are allowed to grow inside your home or commercial building. There are so many health hazards and property damages involved once there is already a presence of molds inside the building. Thus, it is very important to avail of mold testing in Mobile, Alabama.

Reasons for Mold Testing

  1. Molds can cause a number of respiratory illnesses. If you ever wonder why you and your loved ones are often battling with health issues such as difficulty in breathing and runny nose, among others, then it is most likely that your home is already being invaded by molds. The same can be said in a commercial establishment where there is regular absenteeism among employees. Low work productivity occurs due to the presence of molds. Thus, avail of mold testing in Mobile, Alabama. Molds are allergens which make people sick.
  2. Molds can damage properties. In fact, it is most likely that there is a plumbing problem somewhere which is why molds have replicated fast. You have to know that there is no mold problem if your indoor environment is dry. Molds can lead to wood warping and eventually lead to damage. Moist environment is also something which the termites love to live and propagate. Termites, though very small in sizes, can do an enormous damage to a property. Thus, the first step to termite infestation prevention is to stop the molds from multiplying.
  3. Mold infestation is costly. Why do you have to wait for the presence of molds to be obvious when you can avail of mold testing as a preventive measure?
  4. If you are planning on selling your home, one of the things that you could do to get your asking price is to avail of mold testing in Mobile, Alabama. Home inspectors will check every nook and every corner and once they see signs of mold infestation, they will negotiate your asking price.

Now that you know the hazards of mold infestation, it is time to call us for our services. It can save huge medical expenses and save you from the high costs of repairs.

Roofer Mobile AL Mold Problem
Roofer Mobile AL Mold Inspection

The Process of Mold Testing in Mobile, Alabama

  1. The first step is consultation. This is where we ask our clients why they called us for mold inspection. It is most likely that they smell something moldy in the bathroom or in the carpets or perhaps the woods are in a bad and deteriorated shape already.
  2. Then our experts go through the process of visual inspection in all parts of your home or commercial establishment. We use state-of-the-art tools in the search for molds. Once detected, our experts get some samples for laboratory testing. This is done to find out what type of molds are present and how severe the infestation is.
  3. Once proper recommendations are done, our experts will begin the process of mold removal. With the knowledge and skills of our experts in mold removal, and equipped with the right tools, trust that a remarkable job will be done.

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