Grand Bay AL Roofing Contractors:

Things You Must Know Before Doing Business

When looking for roofing contractors in Grand Bay, AL, there is a list of questions you should ask all roofing businesses whose services you're considering. It's best to get acquainted with the AL area, its climate, contractors, and fellow homeowners before making the big decision regarding your home project.

In the following section, we will cover some of the questions you should ask when searching for the best roofers to do business with in Grand Bay, AL. Then, we will present the three key documents every roofing company must obtain for you even to consider doing business with them.

If you want to cut to the chase, we take great pride in the quality of our roofing services in Mobile, Alabama, and across the Gulf area here in PoBoy911. Whether you need a contractor for roof repair or a full-on roof replacement, we guarantee nothing but high standards and excellent communication. With that said, let's proceed to the roofing talk. After over three decades of operating as a locally-owned residential and commercial roofing company in Mobile, Alabama, this is what we have to share.

Are you licensed for roofing service in Grand Bay AL?

Any professional roofer in Grand Bay, AL, must have a roofing license. The document confirms they own a license issued by the business bureau and have paid all required fees. You shouldn’t do business with any unlicensed services, and roofing is no exception.


In our 30+ years of experience in the roofing business, providing a free and - hopefully - a fair estimate is a must for every contractor. Getting a new roof or having to repair the old one is usually a significant project.

A new roof costs several thousand, if not tens of thousands of dollars, and if a construction company wants to charge money for just the estimate of the complete roofing services, just look elsewhere. No free estimate; no deal.

Another point here: always get the estimate in writing.

What if I'm not happy with the roofing services?

You did the research, and you found the Grand Bay, Alabama roofing contractors that deliver high-quality roofing, you checked the verified reviews, you did everything right to find a team of professionals that will get the roofing job done.

But still, you must ask what happens if you are not satisfied with the quality of work for any reason. Here at Poboy911 in Mobile, Alabama, we guarantee that the job is not done when installing the roof, but only when the client is happy.

Which roof maintenance costs am I looking at in the short and long-run?

You can get a fair price from many Grand Bay roofing contractors - a great price, even - but make sure also to ask the roofing contractor about the maintenance costs once the job is done.

For example, we like to point out that although asphalt shingles are the most affordable option, asphalt roofs also offer the lowest quality. They will require the most maintenance, and storm damage, for example, will be much more extensive when compared to metal roofing or premium clay roofs.

And speaking of metal roofing, getting a metal roof is possibly the best bang for the buck option When it comes to Grand Bay, AL, and the state of Alabama as a whole. A metal roof offers good water, fire, and wind resistance.

We deal with rain and humidity in Alabama, and metal roofing tackles it easily at a good price. A smart choice and one of the popular suggestions among roofing contractors these days.

If unexpected costs pop up, how will the roofing contractor handle them?

Unfortunately, unexpected costs are pretty common in the roofing business. So you need to ask your general contractor what happens if additional roof repairs or roofing material is required for whatever reason.

Roofing pros and experienced businesses are aware of the additional services that might pop up when working on your house. So don't hesitate to ask. You may not get an exact number, but you will know what you can expect and maybe even the price of any additional roofing business that might pop up.

What's your experience working in Grand Bay, AL?

As the contractor for references, whether you opt for locally owned Grand Bay roofers or other independent contractors in the Alabama area, do not proceed with your home improvement project unless the roofing business you're considering can provide you with evidence of customer satisfaction and superior workmanship.

After 35+ years in the business, we are proud to offer samples of our quality work, whether the customer needs a new roof or a minor roofing repair.

And we're positive that other contractors are just as eager to showcase the quality of their businesses. So don't hesitate to ask; if the roofers you're considering can't provide samples, chances are they don't have any.

What's the deadline, and what happens if you fail to meet it?

Homeowners are often hesitant to ask, but it's a perfectly legitimate question. Especially during the season or whenever the demand is high, roofing professionals can miss their deadlines, and you need a pre-arranged agreement that you can act upon if it happens.

Your homeowner resources are funding the contractors, so make sure everything is agreed upon in advance.

Are the workers insured? What happens if someone gets injured on the job, god forbid?

Three words you need to learn here: Alabama Workman's Comp Insurance. All the top roofing contractors in Grand Bay, AL, must have this document, and we're no different.

In short, the Workman's Comp Insurance, whether in Grand Bay, AL, Mobile, Alabama, or anywhere else in the United States, guarantees compensation in case a contractor is injured on the job, in our case, while doing residential or commercial roofing.

Homeowners want their house to be a safe place, but if someone does get injured, you want them covered, right? Not to mention the legal - and moral - nightmare if a roofing company refuses to cover the expenses.

Another legal document to ask about is the Alabama Residential Roofing Bond. Only licensed roofers and businesses can acquire it from the business bureau.

In short, this document guarantees compensation in case the roofing contractor fails to comply with Alabama licensing regulations. Everyone wants to hire a roofer who plays by the book, and this is one of the documents that guarantee it.

How do I know if my roof needs repair or replacement?

The method that will consume the least of your time is to contact locally owned roofing contractors and get a free estimate of your roof's state.

But we still recommend educating yourself to learn what to watch out for when checking your roof, and more importantly, what the red flags are that require the immediate attention of roofing professionals.
If you have asphalt shingles, for example, an easy check you can do on your own without even climbing the roof is to look for granule residue in your gutters.

Granules falling out make your roof less resistant to sunlight and the elements. If over 30% of your roof is affected, it might be best to get a new roof, so make sure you check regularly.

What's the best roofing option in Grand Bay, AL?

Apart from that extra personal touch, one of the benefits of hiring a locally-owned business is that they know more about the local climate and how it affects the residential and commercial roofing.

We've been handling roofing projects for over three decades, operating from Mobile, Alabama, and operating across the state and the Gulf region, including Orange Beach and Grand Bay, AL. We can tell you that we are exposed to humidity here, with hot summers, more rainfall, and mild winters.

This makes metal roofing a valid choice with a good overall rating. The popular asphalt shingles are also an acceptable roofing material. However, wooden roofs are more prone to damage.

Mold and leaks are bigger problems for roofers in Alabama than in the drier states. It's details like this you should expect from the professionals you consider hiring in Alabama to handle your house and your roof.

Don't just click on the first result on your search results page and think your work is done. Investing that extra time to find your ideal company can go a long way and save you and your house unwanted stress and unwanted costs for repair services.

Conclusion: Grand Bay Roofing Contractors

We hope this rundown was useful to you and that you feel more confident about finding the best roofer contractors to install your new roof or repair the old one.

Feel free to contact our company for a free estimate anywhere in Mobile, Grand Bay, AL, the state of Alabama, and across the Gulf region. We guarantee our skilled team will do a very good job with your roof. Stay safe

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