Roofer Near Me:

7 Things to Look for
When Searching for Best Roofing Companies

Roofing Near Me Mobile AL

Googling "roofers near me" is how many people tend to search for roofing companies in Mobile these days, and there is nothing wrong with that.

However, to get the best roofer for your project and find the ideal cost per square foot, you must consider additional factors. We've been handling roof replacement and repairing projects in Alabama for over three decades now. Based on our experience, everyone should consider these seven essential points before getting a roofer to replace or repair their house.

1. Go Local, But Don’t Force It

In short, the right local roofing contractor will get you more value for money than nationwide roofing companies. This does not mean, of course, that you should simply contact and hire any local roofers.

What your local roofing contractor needs is

  • A physical address
  • A phone number
  • Preferably a website

This is just the beginning. But don't proceed any further without an address and a phone number. Apart from that, hiring the services of local roofers for your project can get you multiple benefits, but not always.

Make Sure the Roofing Companies You Consider Hiring Know the Local Building Codes & Rules

This is the big one. For example, we specialize in roof repairs and services in Mobile, Alabama and along the Gulf coast. We know our zip code area's local building codes and regulations well and can cover all popular cities in the region.

We handle disaster relief by installing tarps and replacing roofs and completing mitigation after a large catastrophe happens. So whichever company you consider, Make sure to read reviews in the local zip code area and that they are well aware of the local regulations.

Roofer Mobile AL What Your Local Roofing Contractor Needs
Roofer Mobile AL Be Specific About Your Request & Go for the Expert

2. Be Specific About Your Request & Go for the Expert

Are you looking for roof repair or a new roof with roof removal? Are you dealing with missing shingles or need more roofing materials? Are you going for metal roofing or asphalt shingles? Is your old roof struggling with mold or cracks and leaks caused by rain and inclement weather?

These are just some of the questions you might want to ask yourself. The point is to do your research and get slightly acquainted with your roof before contacting the roofing contractors. You should have at least a slight idea of what might be wrong with your roof so that you can search for an expert in the field and the ideal match for your roofing project.

3. Research the Roof Installation Market

You might have stumbled upon the rule of always getting three estimates before hiring someone for any job. We have to say we aren't all that big on that rule. Sometimes three roofing services are too little, and there are also cases when one business is enough. So once you've researched the state of your roof, research the roof replacement companies as well.

No Free Written Estimate? No Deal.

We've been in the roofing business for over three decades, operating across Mobile, Alabama, and Baldwin County. Roof installation, old roof removal, that's no small business, and if a company wants to charge you for just the estimate of the full service, we say it's one of the clear signs to look elsewhere. A free estimate is a must.

Always Get the Cost Estimate in Writing

To be on the safe side, always make sure to get a written confirmation on the cost for your new roofing project. Roofers in Mobile, AL, are lovely folks, but start the job the right way and get those material costs per square foot jotted down. All payment info too.

Roofer Mobile AL Research the Roof Installation Market

4. Do Not Proceed Unless Licensed & Insured

The past three points were a bit broader, so let's get more specific. Do not schedule any roofing services, whether for repairing or replacing your roof, unless they are licensed, bonded, and insured. Let's talk more.


Licensing can be a tedious process and you want to make sure that the contractor you hire is Licensed, Insured and has Workmans’ Comp Insurance. The contractor has to register at the local business bureau for licensing. The job cost sets the type of license needed. Since roofing is a significant undertaking, you will want to make sure they are licensed within your specific state.


Licensed roofers also carry insurance. Insurance will cover the roofing contractors if an injury occurs during work on your house. But just as important, you will be protected as the house owner because the insurance service will provide compensation, not you.

5. Prepare Yourself to Ask the Tougher Questions

Not all roofers will give it to you straight. Sometimes, you have to ask the more challenging questions in advance to avoid inconvenience in the future. Here are a few to ask your roofer.

What if I'm not happy with the roofing work?

What if the roof repair didn't meet your standard? What if you're not satisfied with the quality of the shingles installed or the material used? What if the services offered in the project were not as agreed when you decided to contact and hire the roofing company?
You need to know in advance what happens when mistakes and errors occur and the potential costs per square foot. Discuss the matter in detail.

Roofer Mobile AL Ask The Tough Questions

What if unplanned repairs and roofing materials are needed?

When taking down and replacing an old roof, you never know the exact scope of the structural damage you might find. Rotten or cracked decking, moisture damage, anything can lurk beneath the old shingles; even metal roofs are not safe.

So you need to discuss the possible issues, materials required, and potential costs with your offer before they commence the roofing project. It's typically not free, and you must plan your budget.

Will the contractor take down my old roof?

New roofs should be new roofs, not new roofs placed over an old roof. We just said that you never know what goes on beneath the old shingles, so if you aim to have a new roof installed, make sure the old one is removed.

Simply putting new shingles over an old roof is like putting a band-aid over an infectious wound. It might seem like a cost-effective option, but it will end up costing more in the long run.

Roofer Mobile AL Check References

6. Check Years of Experience, Past References & Reviews

And look for pictures too. We've been in the roofing business since 1985 and take great pride in it. We're not saying you shouldn't contact and hire a new roofer. Still, experienced roofers typically offer the most past references and have evidence of their past roof replacement service.

Read reviews online too, and don't be afraid to dig deep. We are talking about repairing a fundamental component of your house, where you might even have to hire an expert to install a new one. So, sift through those reviews and don't hesitate to ask all the questions before making the first payment.

7. Warranty

Make sure to check if the work is covered by the manufacturer's warranty, and ask for how long you're covered. Contractors can offer additional warranties for the workmanship of the roof installation. Lifetime warranties are the best option that you should always aim for.

In conclusion...

If you are looking for quality roofing contractors near Mobile, AL, don't hesitate to contact us. We offer free cost estimates and handle roof repair, roof removal, and replacement.