Insurance Policies for Roofing Companies in Mobile AL

In most insurance policies in Mobile there is what’s called “Duties After a Loss” and one of those duties is to protect your property from further damage. Once you call PoBoy911 to set up an inspection of your roof, we will inspect your roof, show you the photos of the damages, send the photos as a pdf report to your email address and we will do the same for your adjuster. The final step will be to tarp your roof!

”If you have filed an insurance claim and we will bill your insurance company directly. No out-of-pocket expenses to you! No upfront costs! No hassle! Call to learn more!

The insurance Process

It is very important to reach out to PoBoy911 immediately after filing your insurance claim to request a roof replacement. Our certified trained team members will meet your adjuster on site and inspect the roof with him present. We will provide him with our estimated costs for the roof replacement and work with the adjuster every step of the way to make sure all items/roof materials are allowed based on our estimate. You aren’t just hiring a company that produces quality work, you are hiring a company that is looking over for your best interest! We will work as hard as we can to make sure your insurance company allows for a full roof replacement if it appears to be warranted!