Legal Information for Mobile AL ROOFING COMPANIES

Alabama Residential Roofer License

Before hiring a company to handle your roofing construction or repair business, it is best to check their roofer's license.

This document ensures that the contractor has a business license and the Alabama Department of Revenue certificate of compliance if you opt to hand your project to an LLC or a business corporation.

The Roofer Licence also demonstrates the contractor meets the financial requirements and had paid all the requested fees to the state of Alabama and the Mobile, AL, area.
Note that an unlimited license is also available in our state. It requires the services and businesses to pass the Alabama Home Builders Exam, which can be taken at various testing sites across the state. These include Mobile, Birmingham, Auburn, Huntsville, Enterprise, Montgomery, and more.

Alabama Residential Roofer Bond: What It Is & Why It's Needed

The Alabama Residential Roofer Bond is a document you might have stumbled upon when searching for a construction company serving Mobile, Alabama, and nearby areas. The document is a must and you should check that the businesses or services you're considering for the job have it.

In short, all contractors in Alabama are required to buy the bond to insure the public. The document guarantees compensation in case of financial damage caused by the contractor failing to comply with the Alabama licensing regulation.

The rules apply to businesses handling roof construction and repair. Customers are insured with this bond and you can rest easy knowing your contractor plays by the book. You'll do safe business and everyone will be covered.

Workers' Comp Insurance for Mobile Roofing Contractors

Another important document is the Workers' Comp Insurance issued by the official services. Check with your general contractor before doing any business to make sure the workers are insured. The average cost in Alabama is around $1.19 per $100 of the contractors' wages.

The insurance covers the contractors in case an injury occurs on the job. The roofers are covered, and so are you as the customer. Make sure to check this one before doing any business.