How To Spot

Water Roof Damage in Citronelle AL

Before it's too late.

Working as roofing contractors in the Gulf region, including Mobile, AL, and Citronelle, AL, has made us wary of water damage. While wind damage is evident - broken shingles, torn-out parts - water is much more subtle.

Water damage is hard to detect at first, and once it's too late, you might be facing mold infestation across the house. Citronelle roofing contractors offer specific services to help homeowners deal with these issues.

When to Call the Roofing Contractors

Even if you own a new roof or new construction, you need to check the whole house for critical signs, top-to-bottom. At the roof level, folks in Mobile, AL, should watch out for curled shingles, a strong sign of humidity issues. Next, check the gutters if the water is piling or leaking anywhere.

The attic is up next. Check for mold and musty smells, especially after rainstorms. Below the attic, your ceiling is the next line of defense. If under attack, you will find water spots on your ceiling.

Then, walls, floors, and windows. Bubbling and peeling is a bad signs on the walls; curling, and sagging floorboards - are not good. Moisture between your window panes is also a red flag.

No matter if you own a metal roof or any other roof type, any of these signs are a reason to get in touch with a roofing contractor in your area.

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