Mold Inspection in Biloxi MS

Mold Inspection in Biloxi MS

Mold Inspectors Biloxi MS Mold Inspection

Mold is a fungus, a natural phenomenon usually occurring outdoors where it acts to decompose organic refuse like leaves, dead trees and weeds. It is when mold gets inside your home and begins to grow that you need a mold inspection from professionals in Biloxi MS who care.

Mold spreads by means of tiny microscopic spores that drift through the air and combine with dust indoors. These minuscule particles become a problem when moisture is present, providing the perfect environment where mold can start to grow.

You can’t see mold spores, they’re far too small, and often the first evidence of contamination will be patches of discoloration on walls or carpeting.

Why a mold inspection in Biloxi MS?

A mold inspection is a process of conducting a careful visual assessment of a building to determine if there is unwelcome mold growth. Because mold can grow inside walls, behind paneling and under carpeting, it can’t always be seen but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

If a building has been exposed to water damage or flooding or has poor ventilation or extreme humidity, a mold inspection will reveal hidden indoor mold growth. A major indicator of unseen mold is the existence of a moldy, musty smell.

There are two basic objectives of a mold inspection. The first is to locate the sites of mold growth, and the second is to find out where the moisture is coming from. You should book a mold inspection if your building has suffered any water damage or residents develop baffling health issues. If you are a landlord, concerned with the condition of your unit or buying or selling property, you will want to know any likely concerns.

Mold and your health

It’s important to know that any indoor mold growth signifies a problem that must be addressed. Unchecked, indoor mold contamination will damage surfaces where it is growing and can be a threat to health.

Mold infestation in Biloxi MS has been linked to respiratory infections, eye irritations, allergic reactions, and rashes. The presence of mold can pose a significant health threat to the young, the elderly and anyone whose immune system is compromised. While healthy individuals will withstand minor exposure for a short time, longer contact with larger concentrations of mold can be a health risk.

The first step

A mold inspection is always the first step toward correcting any mold problem. Contact the professionals who care at PoBoy911 and take the first step to peace of mind.

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