Legal Documents All Local Businesses Providing

Roofing Service in Citronelle AL & Mobile AL Must Provide

Apart from educating yourself on what to look for when checking your roof, you should give just as much attention - if not more - to learning what makes a good construction company in Citronelle AL.

There are many things to consider, of course, but we always say: never proceed with any construction company without these three documents from the local business bureau: Alabama Residental Roofing License, Residental Roofing Bond, and Workman's Comp Insurance.

Alabama Residental Roofing License

You will need a state-licensed general contractor. Having a license confirms you are dealing with one of the right local businesses.

It indicates the roofing contractor had obtained a business license and the Alabama Department of Revenue certificate of compliance. You don't need comprehensive business information, but these three documents are a must to prove your chosen business's suitability.

The Licence also proves the roofing contractor has met the financial conditions and paid the fees designated by the state of Alabama for the Mobile, AL, area.

Residential Roofing Bond and Workman's Comp Insurance

Furthermore, every roofing contractor serving the Mobile, AL, area must obtain the Residential Roofer Bond from the assigned business bureau. This document is a guarantee that all damaged parties will be compensated if the contractor fails to comply with the state's licensing regulation.

Finally, the Workers' Comp Insurance in Mobile, AL. This document proves that roofing contractor has insured their workers. The workers and the contractors are covered if they get injured on the job, and so are you. Do not engage in roofing services at risk of having to cover someone's injuries, industrial roofing, or otherwise.


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