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If you are looking for the top roofing contractors in Saraland, AL, you have come to the right place. As a locally owned company handling residential and commercial roofing in Mobile across the Gulf area for over 30 years, we would like to share our years of experience in the roofing department with a complete roofing guide for Saraland, AL.

When looking for Saraland roofing contractors, you need to consider two types of factors: local and general. Let's dive in.

Things to Consider When Hiring Roofing Contractors in Saraland, AL

Whether you're considering roof replacement or roof repair, you should do some research on your options and how they match with the local climate in Saraland, AL.

The main thing about Saraland, AL, is that while we can guarantee the quality of roofing pros and competitive pricing, you should get acquainted with the local weather to know which roofing material will suit your home project best.

It would be best if you also learned the basics of roof maintenance and how to do a basic check-up of your roof so that you can pick up on the early signals to call the roofing contractors.

How to Protect Your Roof Against Humidity in Saraland, AL

First of all, homeowners should consider water mitigation when needed to protect their roofs. Also, make sure your attic has a proper ventilation system and intake vents.

Apart from positively affecting your roof's energy efficiency, a sound vent system will get the stale air out and significantly reduce the odds of mold occurring.

As noted, contact your local roofers and locally owned roofing contractors for regular inspections to keep your roof in the best shape.

We Also Have Winds & Increased Odds for Storm Damage

The winds are stronger in Alabama, and the Gulf region is known for occasional disasters such as tornados and hurricanes. All Saraland roofers point out that several layers of protection against wind and humidity are the right way to spend your homeowner resources.

While natural disasters can obviously devastate entire houses, frequent wind exposure can damage your roof with minor damage. This minor damage can amass to significant issues if left unattended.

Firstly, winds can rip shingles off the roof. If you have an asphalt roof or asphalt shingles, the wind can damage the granules, making your roof more prone to the elements.

And even if shingles are only loosened and not torn off, your roof still becomes more susceptible to water damage. Combined with the humidity we talked about, you'll require a complete roof replacement if you don't pay enough attention.

So Which Roof Type and Roofing Materials Should I Get in Saraland, AL?

Now that we've assessed the weather factors we've been dealing with in the past three-plus decades providing roofing services in Mobile, let's cover some of the roofing materials that will suit your residential roof - or commercial roofing - best in the Alabama region.

Metal Roofing

Getting a metal roof is a valid option in Alabama for most homeowners. They're among the popular suggestions for commercial roofing, too. Metal roofing offers good value for money at reasonable prices, easily lasting 50 or even 70 years with proper shingle roof maintenance.

Metal roofing is also known as one of the most energy-efficient options. Furthermore, 25% of the materials used for an average metal roof are fully recyclable, a significant plus in modern times.

Recycling with automated technology is the way to go, and it is no surprise that even the best roofers in the construction business have added metal roofs to their list of services.

When it comes to the drawbacks metal roofing is prone to dents due to storm damage. These roofs are also louder, and since we get more rainfall in the Mobile area, it's a smart choice to get extra sound isolation for your metal roof.

In general, metal roofing is pretty low maintenance. Our construction business is always glad to offer advice in the Mobile area; feel free to hit us up about your metal-shingle roof.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt roofs stand out as the most popular roofing material in the US. Most Saraland roofing companies and just about every member of the National Roofing Contractors Association has asphalt options in their catalog.

Specifically, 80 percent of American homeowners have opted to use asphalt shingles for their roofs.

At a fair price, a well-trained roofer will equip your house with a roof that will last several decades. We should point out that an asphalt-shingle roof has the shortest lifespan of all options on the market.

Therefore, you will need quality work done on your roof if you go with asphalt to avoid shingles falling out with the first high wind. We guarantee customer satisfaction; don't hesitate to contact our business for a free estimate for your new roof or roof repair.

Clay, Concrete, Slate Roofing

If you want to treat your roof with a more durable, premium option, clay or slate roofing is the way to go. These are common roofing materials in the Southern regions and the Mediterranean.

On the practical side, clay roofs can last 100 years. Slate roofs are even more robust and can last 150 years, bringing their overall rating to 10/10. These materials are fire-retardant, resistant to rot and humidity, and withstand high rainfall with low storm damage.

And what many customers are drawn to is that these roofs are plain beautiful. In our 30+ years in the roofing business across Mobile, Spanish Fort, Bay Minette, and Orange Beach areas, clay and slate roofs have always graced the most luxurious homes.

If placed correctly, these roofs are reasonably low maintenance, so make sure to hire roofing contractors that can deliver high-quality work.

How Do I Know If I Need a New Roof or Roofing Repair?

The best way to know is to contact roofing contractors for a free estimate. But it would be best if you still did your own research for signs of roof damage that require urgent attention.

For example, if you notice roof leaks and curled-up shingles, contact roofing contractors right away. All humidity-related issues are a high priority in Saraland Alabama.

We discussed how the humidity is higher here throughout the year. It leads to all water- and humidity-related issues causing more damage.

So if you notice leaks from inside the house or curled-up shingles on your roof, it's a clear sign to contact a local Saraland roofing business right away.

Check Your Roof's Metal Flashing

The metal flashing is another part of your roof that you should check regularly. We're talking out the metal sheets placed where your roof shingles connect with other parts of the roof, like chimneys or walls.

Especially in windy areas, flashing can get torn off and leave parts of your roof prone to water damage and humidity due to storm damage. To avoid leaks and mold, check the flashing regularly and make sure to hire a contractor to handle the repair for you.

How Much Does Roof Repair Cost in Mobile and Saraland, AL?

We stress the importance of getting a free estimate for your roofing services - or checking your roof regularly on your own - so you can react quickly and avoid higher costs in the future.

So to break things down, minor repair costs range between $150 and $1,500. If you're healthy and safety-oriented, we say it's possible to handle some of this business on your own. Hiring a contractor to handle major repairs, on the other hand, is a must.

We have options for shingles with manufacturers warranties and without. The pricing difference can save you as much as 25% on the total cost of your materials! This can amount to a very large savings.

Conclusion: Contact PoBoy911 in Mobile, AL, for Best Roof Repair Services in Saraland, AL

If you are looking for a locally owned roofer business in Saraland, AL and the Mobile area, don't hesitate to contact PoBoy911 for high-quality roofing services.

We offer free estimates for all types of residential and commercial roofing and look forward to doing business with you. Check our erified reviews, and let's get down to work!

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